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Show visitors in 2017 by the numbers!

The show ran for 38 days, starting November 24th and ending December 31st. We were able to run with all of our lights on 37 days, or 96.4% of the time.

December 9th brought a snow/ice storm that was just to dangerous to run our show this year.

We had TBD cars that came by, and using an average of 3 persons per car we estimate some TBD visitors for 2017 season.

Want to know what song is playing and where you can get a copy this coming season?

Well, if you have a smartphone download the Shazam App let it hear the song and all the information is yours.
Latest Update - We ran on all days except one in which snow/ice came in.

2017 Video has been posted, check it out.

Site updated for 2018, FAQ, What's Planned for 2018 show, more to come.
Check out our SAY WHAT page, we have posted a picture of the damage the high winds did this year to our 20 foot MegaTree, it bent the steel going from the pole to the cross pieces that held the guy wires.
Show has ended for 2018! Photos and Video will be posted ASAP.